Steelmate TPMS TP-S9I with solar energy LCD display, 4pcs BSE136 internal sensor

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Steelmate TP -S9I Solar Energy Display with Internal Sensor.

*Installation is not included


1. Match with LED display and 4 professional external sensors

2. Wireless display (placed on dashboard)

3. Charged by solar energy or Micro USB charging slot

4. Real-time tire temperature / pressure updates 

5. Intelligent sleeping mode for power saving

6. High / Low pressure warning

7. High tire temperature warning

8. Low sensor/ display battery warning

9. Fast leakage warning

10. Slow leakage warning (slow leakage is one of the hidden threats leading a catastrophic failure such as blowout.)

11. Sensor failure warning

12. Convertible pressure (PSI / Bar)


$159.90 SGD