Steelmate TPMS TP-S7I with solar energy LED colour display, 4pcs BSE136 Internal Sensor

Product Description
Key Features

Re-engineered alloy frame solar‐powered display matched with 4 uniquely designed internal sensors. All four tyres pressure and temperature data could be view at a glance. With the smart auto adjust backlit brightness (the backlit brightness of display will be adjusted automatically according to the sunlight intensity), you can view them in all sort of lighting environment.

The sensors are designed for overall low power consumption with usage of military sensor battery. Not forgetting our intelligent sleeping mode for power saving when not in used. The sensors are all pre-programmed without any need for pre-pairing.

Long lasting battery life (>5 years)

Sensor with wide range of operating temperature (‐40℃~+105℃ / ‐40℉~+221℉).

Sensor pressure range: 0~8.0Bar / 0~116PSI

Optional Micro USB input

- Visual and audible warning - High / Low pressure warning - High tire temperature warning (over 80℃/ 176℉) - Low sensor/ display battery warning - Fast/Slow air pressure leak warning  (slow leakage is one of the hidden threats leading a catastrophic failure such as blowout.) - Sensor failure warning - Convertible pressure unit (PSI / Bar)
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