Steelmate PO3 Mini Tire Inflator

Product Description

Ever have underinflated tire while you are on the road? Stop worrying on finding somewhere to pump your tire especially if you are in a rush. 

Get Steelmate Mini Inflator PO3. This mini size tire inflator are portable and it is easy to use. 

  1. Plug it into the cigarette lighter
  2. Attach it to your tire valve
  3. Switch on the Mini Inflator
  4. Switch it off when it reached your desired pressure (readings are on the device)

Steelmate Multipurpose Mini Tyre Inflator P03

Power mode: Cigarette lighter power supply
Fully inflat tyres within minutes.
Voltage: 12V
Suitable for: ordinary car tyres, bicycle tyres, football and basketball, floats and more

This compact device even comes with a LED light which you can use it in dark environment.

$32.90 SGD $59.90 SGD