STEELMATE 8pcs Front & Rear Parking Sensors PTS810M5M6

Product Description
Parking assist system is an ultrasonic distance monitoring system. It electronically detects the area in front of and at rear of your vehicle while parking, and alerts you with audible warnings. It assists the driver when parking and in maneuvering situation. 

8-sensors system, complete front and rear protection. 
2 control units designed for luxury vehicles. 
Automatic radio mute function while reversing. 
Intelligent detection, compatible with spare tire or metal bar(front & rear). 
Anti-false alert technology. 
Can be used as 6-sensor system. 
Detachable sensors with waterproof wire connectors. 
Self-test function. 
All weather design.(-40°~ +85°) 

Brand: Steelmate 
Model: PTS810M5M6
Input voltage: 12V 
Buzzer SPL: 70-90dB 
Detection range: front: 0.3m - 1m / rear: 0.3m - 1.5m 
Package size: 39.5 * 24 * 7cm / 15.6 * 9.5 * 2.8in   
Package weight: 1466g / 51.7oz 

Package List:  
2 * ECU(front & rear) 
2 * LED Display
8 * Sensors 
4 * Sensor Wire 
1 * Set of Installation Accessory 
1 * Manual
$298.00 SGD