MATTERS Quality Premium PU Leather Car Mat for Toyota Altis (Brown)

Product Description

MATTERS 5D premium car mats are all custom made to fit perfectly into a Toyota Altis. To ensure precision and the perfect fit, MATTERS utilises cutting edge technologies such as 3D scanners to analyze and to obtain the perfect fitting for your car.

Additionally, MATTERS 5D premium car mats offer unparalleled quality and coverage for the interior of your car. While conventional car mats cover only the base of the car’s interior, MATTERS 5D premium car mats cover not only the base, but also the sides of your car as well to maximize coverage and efficiency when you clean it.

We have also threaded our mats with Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA foam) to ensure that our mats are chemical resistant, noise-absorbing and easy to clean. With a perfect fit, comes elegance.

In MATTERS, we always strive to strike the perfect balance between beauty and practicality.


*Shipping is restricted to only Singapore and Malaysia.

$248.00 SGD