Bullsone Bullspower - Engine Coating Treatment for Gasoline/Diesel/LPG Engine 410ml (13.86oz)

Product Description

Engine Oil Treatment

Creates specially formulated coat with AOMC (Advanced Organic Molybdenum Compound) stays on exterior of vehicle engine by electronic interaction. This forms a protective film that results in protecting exterior from wear and tear when a dry & cold start, restoring fuel efficiency, reducing engine noses and extending engine life.

  • Prevents friction and restores smooth driving.
  • With its special bearing effect, Fullerene provides an exclusive protection against engine’s wear and tear.
  • Enhances reaction velocity of acceleration.
  • Reduces engine noises.
  • Restores fuel efficiency.
  • For the best maintenance, repeat treatment every 10,000km (6,000mile).
  • TUV Certified.
*ZMC Automotive only distributes Bullsone merchandiese to Singapore and Malaysia.


$33.90 SGD $34.60 SGD