Bullsoneshot New Car for Diesel Engine 500ml

Product Description
1) Especialized for a new car drive under 0~30,000km.
2) Prevent carbon deposit and protect engine with lubricity improve.

1. Perfectly Cleans harmful carbon deposits on Injector.
2. Powerful Protective coating on piston and cylinder inner wall for preventing damage caused by friction.
3. Power ↑ Fuel consumption ↓ Noise ↓ Exhaust gas ↓
4. Optimized for CRDi, VGT, DPF, EGR engine.
5. Fuel additive must be sustaining over 300℃(572℉) in the engine but most of products are easily burnt under 300℃(572℉)
before cleaning but Bullsoneshot is sustaining over 300℃(572℉) by using special formula!
6. TUV(Germany) certified : Bullsoneshot had been certified for the Performance(Reduction of the formation of deposits on
the Injection nozzles) by TUV in Germany.
* In the field, some manufacturers have advertised their TUV certificate but it is not for the performances but for the
manufacturing process like ISO. We highly recommend you to check it!
$14.95 SGD