Bullsone Nano Tech Wax For Black Car 300g

Bullsone Nano Tech Wax For Black Car 300g
Product Description
Nano Base Formula
1. To maximize gloss effects, special formula developed by Nano Technology is applied
2. Advanced Nano-technology creates Triple layers (PTFE- Special Silicone-Wax) of protective coat to keep your car shiny for
about 90 days.
3. Triple layers safely protect car body against exhaust gas, air pollution, acid rain, chemicals detergent (carwash) and UV.
* Exhaust gas, polluted Air, Acid rain, chemicals detergent (carwash) and UV damage Top Clear Coating layer on painted
surface of car and make car losing its gloss
4. Resilient coating layers helps protect surface against harmful UV rays that dulls a car's finish.
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