Smart Surveillance CCTV Camera

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Ever thought whether a surveillance CCTV Camera can be integrated with your vehicle? Wondered is ever a surveillance CCTV Camera can be plug and played in your office or home?

Only ZMC have the answer - Introducing our very own Smart Surveillance Camera for your vehicle, home and office security purposes.

The much anticipated Smart Surveillance Camera is built upon the idea of to offer additional insurance and security to your possession. With highly advanced technology to record audio and video visuals within a SD Card or using the built-in flash memory, acts of thefts and vandalism are kept to a minimal.

The product operates on a motorized Pan/Tilt, auto-pan and 5x digital zoom tracking mode, in high resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200, with 6 IR LED with auto light sensor for day and night monitoring.

Video in total darkness Click here
*This Video is taken in total darkness. Please observe the clear visuals.

Remember folks, we value your safety as we continue to strive for the better for you because, Your Safety, Our Priority

Lexus Teo
Business Development Manager